Here is a random assortment of mostly completed past projects of various sorts. I continue to update the blogs from time to time!

1) Eggplant Fries: This is my cartoon blog, loosely/entirely based on my life.

2) SnapeChat: This is a blog of Snapchats between highly misunderstood Professor Snape and other Hogwarts personnel.

3) Here are some newspaper drawings, which were featured at Pleasant Plains. I drew them on the Washington Express each day while riding the bus/metro. Fellow commuters weren’t always fans of my use of Whiteout and Sharpie.

221 222 223

225 224 2014-07-18 14.06.33

4) Here’s a cartoon for my desi peeps. It was featured at The Fridge as part of Subcontinental Drift’s show, Becoming Desi in America, in March 2014.


5) Here’s a six-foot-tall polar bear I built that was also on display at Pleasant Plains this past winter. Current whereabouts (bearabouts?) unknown.